Recover Stolen/Lost Cryptocurrency

We recover your bitcoins!


Do you no longer have access to your Bitcoins?

Have you accidentally transferred your bitcoin to an invalid address? Did your bitcoins not arrive at the receiver’s address?

Have you forgotten your password, or only remember some of it? Is your private key no longer working? Is your wallet “watch only”?

Did your mobile phone break, is your computer not starting, or does your storage have a defect (USB drive, hard disk, etc.) and your Bitcoins are gone?

Does your wallet software have a defect, have you deleted data accidentally, or is your system infected by a virus?

Did you transfer bitcoin cash to a bitcoin wallet or vice versa, and are you not able to access your funds anymore?


Our team consists of experienced blockchain experts and we are specialized in data recovery of crypto coins such as Bitcoins, Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, and others.

As the leading specialists for professional recovery of Bitcoins, we apply the latest recovery technologies and forensic analysis tools to restore your data.

We have years of experience recovering lost data, and we are specialized in digital wallets and crypto coins.

Hacktivist World Bitcoin Recovery

We will do our absolute best to recover your Bitcoin wallet and restore your private Bitcoin key. For hardware problems, we can access your computer via remote access or you can send us the storage medium or computer.

For our service, the following fees apply

  • For analyzing hardware, 0.03 BTC
  • If we are successful, our fee of the recovered amount is
    • 20% below 5 bitcoins
    • 15% for 5 bitcoins or more
    • 10% for 15 bitcoins or more
    • 5% above 50 bitcoins
  • Shipping costs of the reshipment, if you would like to have your hardware returned


Our team consists of generally certified, sworn experts, and experienced blockchain professionals..

We provide our services to courts and large companies. We investigate cybercrime and write forensic expertise. Our specialty is blockchain and preservation of evidence.

This is a trustworthy service and not a scam site! We are a well-known registered company and have a long record of successful recoveries!

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Whatsapp: +1 (970) 289-0518


  1. Abdusalam muaz

    hi i had 2 bitcoin stolen out of my wallet via a phishing attack. are you able to help me recover them?


    1. admin

      Kindly contact us via

  2. Jessica Kendrick

    Hello , please help me , I sent my bitcoins to a wrong address, how do I get it recovered back to my wallet?

    1. admin

      Alright, check your mail all you need know is sent to you

  3. Leroy Brown

    How does this works , I just sent my bitcoin to the wrong address

    1. admin

      Alright, we got you covered, kindly check your mailbox

  4. Deontie

    Please send me money or bitcoin

    1. admin

      We just sent you a mail

  5. Masavarapu Appala naidu

    i am 18 years old
    i have just 0.004 BTC
    i dont have any gaming pc nor a xbox nothing
    please help me by giving some bitcoins

  6. Richard

    I got robbed by guy doing cashapp flip and it was my last money need help

  7. Richard

    I got robbed by guy doing cashapp flip and it was my last money need help

    1. admin

      We’ve sent you all mail

  8. Kenneth Wilson

    My 1btc was stolen from my blockchain. How do I get it back. I’m in a deep shit please help me

    1. admin

      Do not worry. Just check your mailbox or spam folder

  9. Jim brawn

    My 4.5 bitcoin just got recovered. I’m so grateful

  10. seo

    Whoa! I just got a credit alert of $10,000 in my account. It works. Thanks guys!!

    1. admin

      You are highly welcome

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